We also have merchandise you can buy to support our rock band.

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The merchandise includes all the things you like about Slint Music. Our inexpensive items have a wide variety of applications in your daily life. For instance, we sell posters, buttons, and stickers for less than $1.



If you want to spread our message and bring more people into our fan base, we may even give you free T-shirts. Most of our items go for less than $3, although some high-quality t-shirts go for more than $10.

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You can order any of our merchandise on our website or social media pages. Allow 3 to 4 days for shipping. Depending on the number of items you will be buying from us, you may be eligible for free shipping. We also have a one-year warranty that can be extended, depending on the item you purchase.

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the clothing lines to bring more discounted merchandise to our dedicated fans. For instance, we are partnering with a New York-based clothing line to create $5 hoodies.